About horn products in our range

The horn products we deliver come from Africa, India and South America. Animals which the horns originate from are not part of Washington CITES
(Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species) and therefore they are not protected species. They were determined for slaughtering and the horn remains as by-product in meat production.
In addition, all horns have been checked in a veterinary control, so any possibility of infection with BSE or foot-and-mouth-disease is excluded completely.
All horn-items are made of genuine natural horn and were cleaned chemically.
Drinking horns are varnished food-safe on the inside. The horns are pure natural products and exclusively handmade. There are, as a consequence,certain differences in quality which cannot be avoided. Colors may vary from entirely light to totally dark.
In addition, a lot of horn products we offer in this range have been produced by processing and combining pewter. High niveau, excellent workmanship and attractive design, combined with technical expertise: We are proud to offer such products made in Gerrmany.
Get a positive surprise by the variety of products made of or combined with the material “horn”. Every product that your customers buy from you will be a unique piece !